Wolf and Wildlife Studies

For those of you that have high-speed internet service, such as DSL or cable, the videos should download relatively quickly. The exception may be the full length music video in which you may have to wait a minute or two. If you have dial up internet service, you may have to wait several minutes for a short video to download. For the music video, you may have to wait over 90 minutes for it to download. So I have tried to keep most of the videos short so that dial up users can have access to most of the video clips. The music video, however, is well worth the wait which should not be a problem for high-speed internet users. For each video, I supplied the size of the file and the length so that you can judge how much time to spend waiting for the files to open up. Have fun watching the wolves!

Note: You'll need QuickTime to view these movies. If QuickTime is not installed on your computer, you can download it for free by clicking the button below. It's safe, easy to install, and there are versions for both PC and Mac users. You'll be glad you did once you've heard and seen the wolves!

  Cabinet mountains in northwest Montana   Fishtrap pack music video (5.4 MB, 3:33 min)
  Adult black wolf of the Fishtrap pack   Adult black wolf (1.3 MB, 18 seconds)
  Adult gray wolf of the Fishtrap pack   Adult gray wolf (2.0 MB, 21 seconds)
  Dead wolf pup from the Fishtrap pack that was shot and killed   Dead wolf pup - shot (2.8 MB, 18 seconds)
  Den site of the Fishtrap pack   Den site (2.6 MB, 17 seconds)
  Wolf pup from the Fishtrap pack   Wolf pup running with a bone (1.8 MB, 19 seconds)
  Wolf pups from the Fishtrap pack   Wolf pups playing (1.9 MB, 26 seconds)
  Wolf pup from the Fishtrap pack   Pup running and looking back for an adult wolf (1.1 MB, 18 seconds)
  Timber   Timber (51.4 MB, 7:36 minutes)

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