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Wolf and Wildlife Studies

On September 3, 2011, I published my review of Montana's wolf population numbers in a peer-reviewed scientific journal (click here). The paper documents the flawed data used by Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks to make management decisions about wolves. This information is provided in their annual reports. The 2011 annual report was recently released, and I have been asked by several organizations to comment on its quality - click here. (To download this PDF, control-click for Mac or right-click for PC).

The 2011 data apparently demonstrates that depsite last year's public hunt, the wolf population has increased by 15 percent. This claim is being used by Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks to justify their proposed increase in killing wolves. After I reviewed the data, I found their claim was not true. Instead, the 2011 report contained unverified data and unsubstantiated conclusions, as in previous annual reports (see published paper).

After reading the review on the 2011 data, please use the comment section below, if you wish, to express your thoughts about wolf management in Montana.

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